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An automated way to collect data from your portfolio companies

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Create forms and metrics

Set up the financial and operating KPIs of the companies

you want to keep an eye on

Send the forms to management teams

Portfolio companies get the forms regularly to fill them in, and you can approve or decline the submissions

Set up automatic reminders

Chase your startups for their performance metrics and reports

in an automated way

Export data

All the gathered data is easily exportable to Excel or

AIRR platform

Who are we


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For Funds

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Create the forms that you want the management to fill in regularly

Add any metrics you want to track

Pick who is responsible for submitting the data

Manage the approval process

For Companies

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Get reminders to fill  in the data for the shareholders

Get access to a convenient portal

to submit the information

Submit any data or documents and communicate with your shareholders

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How it works
Request demo

Let’s schedule a short call for a product demo

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